When In Conflict with…

When in conflict with someone try and avoid perceiving what’s wrong with their behaviour, rather try to see the pain which may be causing it.

Unsociable behaviour is just a shell; usually there is something deeper hiding beneath it. Perhaps a bad childhood, a traumatic relationship, maybe it is even karmic residue.

Typically we tend to talk to the other persons reaction instead of what is the deeper cause, which is where we should seek answers if we wish to seek affinity. Whether or not you find out the answers is not the point. Putting in the effort and care is.


5 thoughts on “When In Conflict with…

  1. LAIRD

    A verbal shot across the bows or a smacked wrist  usually works wonders! If I were to analyse my karmic juices before entering into a dialogue,I doubt if I would speak to anyone. 🙂

  2. Coffee With Kate

    Morning Laird……and a big chuckle from me…lets say the verbal shot across the bows has the man protesting by way of justification.
    take care and have a fun day.

  3. Judex

    You are so right always.
    Thanks a lot for reminding us, and all too often teaching us.
    Kind regards,

  4. Coffee With Kate

    Thanks Judex and welcome back You are a treasured coffee guest.
    Take Care,
    Kate (Coffee With Kate)

  5. Ste

      thanks for the lovely comment you left in my space last week. Sorry, I haven’t responded until now. I had a rough trot with MSNSpaces, and decided to leave it alone for a few days. In truth, I ran away from it, but I’ll be back blogging very soon.
    Come back and visit anytime. You’re always welcome, and I’ll be sure to pop by here regularly. Great space.
    Love & Laughter,


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