Simply Salmon – Kate’s kitchen

Fish is a wonderful and healthy option for the summer table: light, delicate and at its best with fresh, zesty flavours.

To day I wanted fresh Norwegian Salmon, however I am so tired of the second rate salmon offered by even the best of supermarkets, so after some thought I decided to head off to Willoughby’s where they serve not only the best sushi in town but where one can also purchase fresh seafood to prepare at home.

I marched up to the seafood counter, looked the man straight in the eye and requested “salmon for Sushi please” and hey presto…I  was given the best piece of salmon that I have seen in ages.

Now the whole point behind this request "Salmon for Sushi" is that one can only serve the best possible grade and quality of salmon for sushi…or make your patrons very ill if you don’t.

This is how I prepared my piece of wonderfully fresh salmon.

Chop some garlic finely and rub all over the salmon on both sides. Place salmon in an oven proof dish, add finely chopped parsley, sprinkle it over the top of the fish, add salt and black pepper and a dollop of butter. Put into a hot oven for about 10 minutes.

Serve with baby potatoes and a salad or vegetables of your choice and a nice zesty glass of white wine.



2 thoughts on “Simply Salmon – Kate’s kitchen

  1. LAIRD

    Sounds just great – now where is this fishmonger? Perhaps I need to take a rod and catch my own when next in Scotland ! 


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