The power to change is in the subconscious mind

Our Subconscious mind works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, creating perfectly according to how it has been programmed. The mind accepts instructions from the conscious mind and executes all inner ‘programming’.

Old beliefs stored over a life time are acted on, however many of those beliefs may be holding you back, they may be beliefs which you accepted without thinking, or absorbed when you were too young to exercise choice. These beliefs may no longer match what you hold true.

But……the subconscious mind is the director of all the scripts it has been provided with, non which will change unless you choose to rewrite them. So if you have limiting beliefs (scripts) that are holding you back, change can be affected by re-writing the script with conscious intentions and focusing diligently and positively on what you want. The power to bring about change is in your subconscious mind, so provide it with the script of your choice and the old limiting patterns will soon fall away.

If you devote yourself to the instructions of the unconscious, primarily by being aware of your thoughts, it can bestow the gift of renewal so that life which has been stale and dull turns into a rich unending adventure, full of creative possibilities.

Remember this, there is nothing tangible that you possess or are experiencing that did not first start with a thought process, nothing! That’s the power of thought.


9 thoughts on “The power to change is in the subconscious mind

  1. jason

    could be, oddly enough david hasslehoff was on the radio earlier saying he had trouble with confidence ( yes HIM ) earlier in his acting career so read ( wrote ? ) a book about mental programming
    suppose its a bit like hypnosis tapes, its a technology like all others, good if your in control and using it for something you want to do, like getting rid of a phobia

  2. Ste

      I was just space hopping and found myself here (via my mate Jazzy’s space) Hope you don’t mind?
      I enjoy seeing what other people use their spaces for, and I really like what I see here.  Obviously, I’m on a quest to encourage people to visit my space and tell me where I’m going wrong with it. Could take some time, I know… but I’ll get there….. lol
    I’ll be sure to pop back from time to time, so I’ll no doubt see you around.
    Love & Laughter,

  3. KL I U`

    Limitation of beliefs.. reminds me of religion. A close friend of mine deeply believes in God. However because of her sexual orientation she cannot be accepted. when can a faith be able to rewrite itself, and accept the way humans are able to when they devote themselves?
    ps. thank you for your comments. &I quite enjoy reading your space =D

  4. LAIRD

    Limitation? NO. The subconscious is your databank of  millenia of memories in the same way that DNA is a databank of your physicality. It is the pressure of  modern life with the  minority of politicians,misfits and  deviants who dictate to the majority a politically correct "acceptable" way to live. All animals have the basic instincts to survive and procreate and discard those who endanger the survival of the "family". We are too afraid to follow our "instincts."
     As sentient beings we kill for entertainment, wage wars in the name of "god" and have just about destroyed the very fabric of our planet. We no longer rerun the databank of life, we have forgotten how to LIVE. Mankind ignores the file,"subconscious" at its peril……..Delete !  

  5. Billy

    our subconcious , [scares me]
    I don’t like it when everything’s planned.
    Like were puppets on strings.
    Planned out. [I don’t like how that sounds, do you?]
    even if we are unconcious about it, it’s watch over us.24/7.[frightening almost]
    Things shouldnt be programmed.
    They should be instinctively done.
    ❤ Strawberry

  6. jason

 is the answer, a reducing population, higher wages, more space and less eco damage BUT our instincts are against us, oh well, would not be the first time reason has overcome eh
    btw, kate, your music, its from curious george yer know, wonder what came first, the film or the music,mmmm

  7. Jazzy J

    *My subconcious and I get along so well we laugh together on a regular basis* lol
    Hello my lovely friend all the way in S.A. Thankyou for your contribution towards my ‘law’s’ list and for the emails with outstanding pictures that I will definatley use in a blog one day. I absolutely love the picture of the street advertisement that the ‘soon to be x wife’ had done! sheer genius! I hope you are well and that you are not working too hard. Take care. LvJJ

  8. Peter

    Hi Kate & everyone !subconscious is a great thing, but mine must be haywire these days … I seem to wake up with intricate political plots to knock off politicians. I really need a break !

  9. Coffee With Kate

    Hello Peter, Hope you are feeling better.
    Regarding your comment…….sometimes a little time-out helps. Try meditation and consciously refocus your thought patterns. Hey why not pop along to view Jazzy J’s space…..(
    Jazzy J, as always nice to have you back and yes I can imagine that you and your subconscious mind would be getting along on a regular basis. But on a different note:….have you visited Peter Cherbi’s space? If not bounce in a lift his spirit as you do mine. (
    JetsetJason…..I see you are still trying to kill off the worlds population…Tsk Tsk!
    Sensible Laird….I support your point of view
    Steve….another lovely person who I have had the pleasure of meeting via Jazzy J’s page. Thanks for your comments. Nice spirit you have.
    Kliu …who does not comment often but pops in frequently….I hope my comments were of value to your friend
    Take Care
    Kate (Coffee With Kate)


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