Carrots – A Super Food

Originating in Europe and the Middle East, carrots are a natural wonder drug! Containing vitamins B, C, D and E, potassium and calcium pectate, amongst other things, and makes them one of the best vegetables to eat. Carrots are 87% water – an added bonus, as without water our health can suffer.

Calcium pectate is renowned for being a great pectin fibre that has cholesterol lowering properties. Vitamin A strengthens the immune system, thus reducing the risk of cancer, strokes, yeast infections and it is also said to slow the ageing process.

Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked. Eat them raw is as an alternative snack to the usual chips and sweets. However eating them raw could mean that you lose some of the vitamins they contain. This is due to carrots’ tough cellular walls.

When cooked the walls are broken down along with the cell membranes to release all their nutrients. Eating carrots cooked is the more nutritious option and can accompany virtually any meal.

Quick ideas to make carrots more interesting include serving with a low-fat yoghurt dip when raw; flavouring with dill, coriander or tarragon to add extra flavour when cooking’ or adding a small amount of sugar to produce a full flavour when cooking. Carrot juice, commonly known as ‘miracle juice’, is another tasty alternative, containing vitamins, nutrients, and several healing properties.

Overall, we have to say carrots can’t be beaten – so give them a go!


3 thoughts on “Carrots – A Super Food

  1. Jazzy J

    *Whoooooshes in wearing new polka dot cape borrowed from an old wrinkly man resting under a coconut tree….lol*
    Hello Kate hunny.
    Staying close to the edge as normal……I have tried the carrots!     FABULOUS!!!  nudge nudge wink wink*  ;-))))
    Today has been similar to yesterday’s but at least I have been able to flick through spaces a little but now I cannot get into my emails!? lol….always something lol
    I hope you are well and the *Officer Dribble * laws are up and running and awaiting your contribution! lol. Take care. Lv JJ :-)))))

  2. Coffee With Kate

    Jazzy J and Johnny the legend…what a good laugh from the two of you….please come again.
    Kate (Coffee With Kate)


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