The suddenly syndrome

During some of my research for the deeper meaning of life; “who are we and why are we here” I came across discussions of which some of the content I would like to share with the readers of this page and this little bit of insight  shall be referred to as the suddenly syndrome and it goes a bit like this.

Our five senses are designed to perceive effects but not the cause. We are able to see branches, but we fail to see the seed. Did you ever see a tree suddenly spring up from the ground for no reason — suddenly, there is a tree? Of course not. Every tree has a seed that preceded it. Seeds, however, are concealed in the ground. Our senses never detect the level where the seed is. Unfortunately we have been conditioned to look at life as follows

Suddenly, there’s a problem in the business.

Suddenly, there’s an illness.

I suddenly met the greatest person.

All of a sudden, business started booming.

Suddenly, we’re short of cash.

Suddenly, there was a problem in the marriage.

He had a sudden heart attack.

Suddenly, they found a lump.

Suddenly, she woke up one morning and realized she wasn’t happy.

Suddenly the world came crashing down upon me

It all fell apart so suddenly.

The trouble started suddenly, out of nowhere

Is there really such a thing as sudden?
Not really, according to the sages; there is always a concealed cause, a seed that precedes any ‘sudden’ event. The reason we are stricken with the suddenly syndrome is because the true cause is always concealed from our five senses;  "concealment" it seems is part of the structure of our universe.

Ponder this point for a while.  




9 thoughts on “The suddenly syndrome

  1. Chris

    hi……just passed through jazzy j space and saw the link to this site so thought id have a quick look….
    Firstly Jack Johnson playing very relaxing…really suits the site.
    Secondly been reading the blog and agree with everything you say….(mind you you gels are normally right)
    And as for the GUY RULES……they are completely correct…we should all be handing an operating manual for the opposite sex when we are born…it would make life so much easier….
    Anyway going to go….keep up the good work…

  2. Jude

    Dropping by via Jazzy J’s space…I really like your space – I think I’ll have to come by every so often and see what’s up!Take care 🙂

  3. me

    There are good suddenly’s too.
    Suddenly i realised i had the 6 numbers showing on the lottery. 
    I looked over after a difficult birth, my baby suddenly looked towards me and as his/her eyes met mine they filled me with such a feeling i have never known since or will again.
    You are right, life follows steps, each moment connects to the next it never stops, suddenly can be good too, even though we know other processes have taken us to that point in time.
    Take care
    Marie xxx

  4. jason

    Your thinking about synchronicity ?, jung went on about it, i think its just patterns in the chaos of life, bit like mandebolts and stuff, excuse the spelling for these odd words lol
    Bit like in ‘the unbearable lightness of being’ where his room number is 6 and the waitress gets off at 6, tis fun to spot such things but they do not mean much.

  5. Judex

    Hi Kate,
    That is a nice article. Yes, there is always a "cause and effect" in a  human life. We cannot see it ! Sometimes we provoke it !
    Obviously there are many others that are beyond control !
    Keep giving us so nice and instructive readings.
    Take care,

  6. Coffee With Kate

    Thank you Judex… is always good to know that what I am submitting is of value to readers.
    take care,
    Kate(Coffee With Kate)

  7. Ayer

    Hi Kate

    Thanks for sharing this. I just came across your article because I searched on google for ‘Suddenly Syndrome’. I am a Buddhist who just received a book about ‘The Power of Kabbarah’ from a friend last night. I found there are some similarities btw some aspects in Buddhism and in the Kabbarah. One of them is about the cause and effect you talk about. Everything happens for reason, that what lord buddha suggests to us mankind.


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