How do you define ‘rich’?

What does wanting greater wealth mean to you?  Does it mean a large annual income and if so how large? Or does it mean having a beautiful home, or good health, or security, happiness or to be of service to others?

In order to answer this question one needs to be specific about what would bring you a rich life. Dig deep and explore what it is that you really want; what these things or needs represent and how these things or needs would improve your quality of life. Don’t judge your desires for there are no right or wrong answers.

And it may be good to consider for a moment that one should perhaps not measurer whether you are rich or poor by turning to your ledger, more importantly it is the heart that makes a person rich, for one is rich according to what one is, not according to what one has.


5 thoughts on “How do you define ‘rich’?

  1. King Toms Purple Emporium

    I don’t normally write these (Or go looking for them) But what a lovely page. I think it’s the music, and the recipe’s. All in all it’s made me warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you.
           Best wishes.

  2. Jazzy J

    Hello my coffee loving blog buddy. You are a star upon a dark and gloomy sky. The picture that you sent me is utterly fantastic and I have never laughed so hard in my life! I eventually found a fact that I thought suited the picture and posted it today for everyone to enjoy. If you come across any others like that please feel free to send it to me I’m sure I will find a fact somewhere to suit it lol.
    As for your question today, I would of course like to be a little richer but that is only to reach my goal of owning my own home but as for the long term monetary aspects I would like to be a little richer to be comfortable being a multi zillionaire would not make me happy because of all its downfalls. Being rich in love and friendship is what really matters to me because loneliness is too close to the feelings of squalor for me.
    Im sorry for the late delay in answering you, this is mainly due to MSN twiddling with their knobs or the like and not only denying me access to any of my blog buddies spaces but to my own as well! So working (doh!) was the only thing I could do yesterday! Lol. Today is a little slow and the odd space is still coming up as ‘not available’ but with perseverance Im sure I will get all my comments in before MSN boots me again! Lol.(I will eventually add you to my list today as some of the names have disappeared? I wonder if someone has been in here cleaning up. Lol) Take care. LvJ

  3. jason

    rich ?
    having a friend that can cook like a 5 star restauranter ? lol
    Thoreau eh, google that, and epicurus and such stuff me thinky

  4. Coffee With Kate

    Hey Jazzy J,
    Thanks for buzzing in with your usual vibrancy….new pic on the way.
    Take care,
    Kate. (Coffee With Kate)


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