Use your power to create

Embrace fully your capacity to create, to think in unlimited ways, and to pursue everything that you have been wanting. Be flexible, open and willing to let the new come to you, for this can be a most joyous, prosperous, and creative time of your life.

We each play a role in the bigger game of life. In this bigger picture, life plays with energy and matter to expand, create, express and evolve. It explores new possibilities, realizes them and then reaches for even more.

Life continually transforms what is…. into something brand new. Explore different ways to generate more ideas, options and solutions in your life.


One thought on “Use your power to create

  1. me

    life is a continually changing thing we inhabit. It does seem a shame to waste the opportunities that it keeps throwing at us 🙂
    Even if we can’t always see what they are.
    I hope to see this more creative and oh yes please more prosperous time soon lol.
    food for thought.
    marie xxx


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