Good food with good friends

From my deck I view the luxury yachts ‘swanning’ into the various coves that represent Clifton, the well known play ground for the rich and famous. Knowing that all on board of these beautiful ‘toys’ would soon be enjoying food and wine on their respective floating ‘restaurants’ prompts me toward my own preparations; my guest, a friend who has arrived back from London is joining me for lunch.


For this occasion I have decided to make one of my favourite dishes; coconut prawns, the recipe which I urge you to try is as follows….  



Shelled prawns, de-veined leaving the tail intact

Rice flour

Egg, beaten

Shredded coconut

Vegetable oil

Lime flavoured mayonnaise


Dip the prawns in rice flour, dust off any excess, then dip in egg, then in shredded coconut. Shallow fry the prawns in vegetable oil. Serve with Lime or lemon mayonnaise, a salad, bread rolls and a nice white wine. Perfect.


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