Struggling with present reality

If events in our lives don’t turn out the way we expect, then we’re destined to be at least temporarily disappointed. However, if we don’t get over our letdowns, our health is likely to suffer. The sadness and disappointment turn into depression, heart disease, cancer, and other forms of immune-system dysfunction.

So how do we snap out of it and set aside the frustration and despair? Like swimming against a riptide at the beach, struggling against accepting our present reality only makes us feel worse and dissipates the energy we need to improve our circumstances.

Rather than struggling with the present situation, it’s better to go above it and get a better perspective about what we need to do next.

Try to observe your life from a broad, objective perspective so you can give birth to healthier relationship or career situations



3 thoughts on “Struggling with present reality

  1. Judex

    Very true, Kate.
    Strugling uselessly is a way of fighting with onself. Better move ahead for a better situation.
    I love your page. So inspiring !

  2. me

    The one thing life teaches us is to hope & wish for the expected, if it is desired. But to expect the unexpected just in case.
    What you write is true though, the way we react to things does effect our health. I learnt a while ago, stress is the worst threat to health.
    One day i will learn how to kick it into touch 🙂 But in the mean time i will approach your way of looking at things from above and in a more broader space.
    Marie xx


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