Relax, kick back and enjoy a glass of wine

Thomas Arvid  writes

"When I first returned to Atlanta after college and started painting at Tango, one of the first artists I met was Thom. I have great memories of gathering with other artists at his downtown studio each week to paint, eat and drink wine, and share ideas, encouraging each other in our individual pursuits of art. Thom has since moved on to bigger and better things (bigger and better than painting in a restaurant) — primarily he paints wine. While the subject remains the same, the intriguing aspect is the composition and form — he gives a taste, a piece of a puzzle that the imagination fills in, drawing the viewer into a scene where perhaps she is enjoying a glass of wine or pouring wine for a companion, but is provided with an experience".

3 thoughts on “Relax, kick back and enjoy a glass of wine

  1. LAIRD

    Thanks for your comment – You have a thought provoking space which I have browsed through.
    Being a francophile I love French wine – not too sure which came first ! 🙂


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