Our heaving Earth

Seismology Tracking: Period Tuesday 27/06 – Monday 04/07/2006

I am fascinated at the daily heaving activity of the earth way out there in the sea, that people living on this Earth are mostly oblivious to unless it is their job, hobby or if it affects nearby or actual populated locations.

This weeks tracking is as follows:

Mon        03/07      Pacific Antarctic ridge  Mag 5.7

Sun         02/07     Andreanof Islands/Aleutian Islands  Mag 6.1

                           Rat Island/Aleutian Island  Mag 5.6

Sat          01/07     Andreanof Islands  Mag 5.5

Fri           30/06     Bougainville Region  Mag 5.6

Thur        29/06     Southern Iran  Mag 5.6

Wed        28/06     Nicobar Islands Indian O Region  Mag 5.9

Tues:      27/06     Offshore Chiapas Mexico Mag 5.8       







One thought on “Our heaving Earth

  1. me

    i find it fascinating too, things geological are, but then so is science generally. I remember first finding out our planet was built in plates & that they actually move, & they were under the sea too, something fluid in its own right.
    My jaw dropped, it still does.
    Visited vesuvius a dream i’d long had. To think something so beautiful in its starkness, could be so destructive.
    Amazed me how people live on it, and at its feet, though it is still in fact active & due to erupt someday.
    Guess its the someday people hear.
    oops sorry gone on a bit lol.
    take care


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