The bigger picture

May I suggest that you take a few minutes today to reflect on what has happened recently and to put the last week in perspective? What made an impact on you this last week? What do you want to set as a goal for next week?

Reflection helps us step back from the details of our lives and see the bigger picture with fresh eyes. It’s worth a few moments of your time. Review your week and come up with at least one conclusion, insight or learning and write it in your journal.

 "Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action."  – James Levin “

Just because we increase the speed of information doesn’t mean we can increase the speed of decisions. Pondering, reflecting and ruminating are undervalued skills in our culture.” –  Dale Dauten


2 thoughts on “The bigger picture

  1. me

    We all should take time to look at the bigger picture. Thats what life is, a series of smaller events leading to the day you are at, be it a good one or bad.
    You were right, we did and are having very hot weather.
    Opps just realised i have put the same page scheme on my space. Heck. Glad you liked it lol.
    They do say immitation is the best for of flattery or something. Now i feel like a groupie lol.
    Take care ,
    Marie xx


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