Beat the bloat!

No matter how much you exercise or how well you stick to your plan, you will still see a bit of tummy bulge if you suffer from bloating. This could be due to water retention or hormonal changes. Making the following five changes could help you beat the bloat for good.

Drink more water to flush out the retained water and toxins.
Eat more fruit and vegetables. They are highly recommended and for very good reason! Make sure that you are eating at least FIVE PORTIONS A DAY!

Avoid alcohol, red meat, saturated fats and salty processed foods that overload your liver. Try to eat as fresh, natural and healthy foods as you can. The shops are packed with fresh and colourful fruit and vegetables so enjoy these seasonal foods and feel the difference that it makes!

Try drinking dandelion tea, which is a natural diuretic.

Scatter mint leaves over your salad, as they are good at beating fluid retention.

 Stop snacking! Give up on the high calories snacks between meals and you could help yourself lose up to an extra 1lb a week. Cutting out that chocolate bar, bag of crisps or mince pie, or double-checking your portion sizes will make all the difference.

 Sober up! Give up alcohol for a week and you will give your liver a rest, your skin will look fresher, you eyes will look clearer and you will feel better. This one change can be the single most effective step to success.


4 thoughts on “Beat the bloat!

  1. Coffee With Kate

    Hello Crazy Jetset Jason, I knew you would not hesitate to take the gap.
    Kind regards

  2. me

    hey if your watching MTV while riding your bike, you can spin or dance too. Why not be adventurous and do them all at once.
    If you don’t beat the bloat, beating the bloat will beat you lol.
    Good advice though kate. Snacking is the downfall of many of us.
    im boringly sober nowadays, so 1 less vice to worry about 🙂


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