Its A New Day

The sound of the wind blowing though the palm trees wakens me. I look at the clock it is just after 5 in the morning, so I get up and take my tussled bed head downstairs to make some coffee.

Mentally I flick through a shopping list of things that I will need to get today for some recipe testing that I will do later, at the same time wondering who I shall invite to sample the outcome.

Back up stairs, coffee in hand I step out onto the deck; the morning is still dark and the air temperature caressingly warm against my skin. So I sit down and observe the dawning of the day while I slowly sip my coffee, a rich strong Arabica blend into which I have mixed a few cardamom seeds, a spice that has balancing properties and is good for the digestive system too, a tip that I picked up when visiting Zanzibar.

Should the recipe testing turn out well….I will share with you.


2 thoughts on “Its A New Day

  1. me

    oh gosh, not sure what else i can say, i envy that you are able to wake up to a breezy palm tree 🙂  and both the beginning & the end of your day sounds perfect. Fabulous sunsets, sea and proper coffee!
    Er got a bit carried away there, i am a  tea person lol.
    Love your page, always interesting, always different.
    Thanks for your comments & Yes to those aero’s soon lol
    Marie xx

  2. Coffee With Kate

    and I enjoy yours too…be good with aeros then again why not!….have fun and enjoy your week-end
    All the best


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