Reawaken Your Curiosity

Reawaken Your Curiosity

It is interesting to note the contrast between the radiant intelligence of the child and the stifled mentality of the average adult

Why is this so?

Young children it seems possess what Zen calls ‘beginner’s mind.’ They are awed and fascinated with the wonder of the world, open to discovering and experiencing new things. Anything is possible. Life is a great adventure.

For almost all of us, the systems that ‘educate’ us to be adults stifle our natural joy and curiosity. We lose touch with our innate appreciation of life. We forget how to dream.

The blessing is that with attention, patience and love, we can reawaken our sense of wonder. We can again dance with life.  So let the mind once again be free, or it will die, and you with it.


3 thoughts on “Reawaken Your Curiosity

  1. Kenneth

           Frank Loyed Wright.
    Nature is also my god, the one and only true force. 
    nice space.       Kenny. 

  2. me

    I couldn’t agree more, without curiosity we are a solid block of wood. Wonder and awe at what life is, allows us to be the living breathing thing, the tree.
    Marie xx


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