Dinner For One

It is the end of another day; I look out across the sea where the evening sunset has filled the sky with the most awesome hues as it starts to sink over the horizon, a scene that I enjoy while I prepare dinner. Music is playing softly in the background, adding to the peaceful ambiance.  

The table is set; the doors swept back to allow maximum view over the seascape where lights from ships and fishing vessels are already starting to twinkle against the evening dusk.

To night I feel like something light, I will make some Tuna Tartar with Cucumber Yoghurt sauce. The recipe is one that I particularly like and which I have shared with friends. I hope you do too.



Tuna Tartar

75 gms (3oz)                        fresh red tuna (sashimi grade is best)

20 gms (1 tbsp)              pickled ginger slices

1 tsp                                       fresh ginger juice, squeezed from grated ginger

3-4 (1/4 cup)                         spring onions, chopped into small rings

1/8 tsp                                    wasabi paste

1 tbsp                                     soy sauce 

Cucumber yogurt sauce

1 tbsp yoghurt

2 tbsp pureed cucumber (seeds removed)

Salt and pepper to taste 


Shredded cucumber, sesame seed cracker, sesame seeds 


Cut the tuna into small cubes. Mix the wasabi paste and soy sauce until smooth. Toss the tuna with the wasabi and soy sauce and the other ingredients until well mixed.

On a plate, pack the shredded cucumber garnish half way up a metal or pastry ring. Tightly stack the tuna mixture on top to form a cylindrical structure. Pour a circle of cucumber yoghurt sauce around the tuna. Remove the ring. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve with a sesame cracker on top. 


Enjoy with a nice glass of wine


4 thoughts on “Dinner For One

  1. Peter

    Hi Kate Thanks for the support ! It`s been a long battle, but it goes on to make sure the new legislation becomes law soon. Amazing, some of the stuff I`ve found out along the way… Your Tuna Tartar recipe sounds delicions, I might just try that !All the best !Peter

  2. Coffee With Kate

    Hi Peter,
    Please let me know what you think of the Tuna Tartar once you have tried it.
    All the best,

  3. Judex

    I read this, and feel so much water in my mouth !  It should taste very good, delicious ! I will try it soon.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,Judex


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