Meditation and Well-Being

Meditation plays a most important part in daily life and is a powerful tool to help maintain health. While the dictionary says that the term meditation means to think, to ponder, to go through and examine, this definition does not impart the profound meaning of the word at all. Mediation is an action of clear perception, an observation with total awareness and without any conclusion, judgement or criticism. Meditation demands that you be utterly one with the moment. In this oneness, there is radical change in one’s psyche. In this moment-to-moment awareness, there is a cleansing of the body, mind and consciousness. This will bring you to that state of peace which is joy, bliss and enlightenment. At this point, life becomes a movement of spontaneous meditation.


2 thoughts on “Meditation and Well-Being

  1. jason

    My mate steve found it totally changed his life, he has sold up and moved to thailand to teach english,yoga and meditation 🙂

  2. me

    i used to meditate, it did take a neurotic woman and made her very calm for a short while. One day i had such a profound & i mean unexplainable happening/reaction,  it scared the life out of me and haven’t done it properly since.
    As i seem to be becoming more neurotic, maybe its time to start again.
    And i did enjoy the aero’s 🙂
    guess the trick is, exercise then aero lol.
    Take care
    marie xx


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