Body Awareness

All ingredients used can be found in your local food store, health shop or your pantry.


A traditional skin polisher

The turmeric in this skin polisher acts as a natural cleanser and disinfectant and will not turn your skin yellow. The chickpea flour sloughs off dead skin to give unimagined silkiness and the milk will firm up the entire body.


1 tablespoon chickpea flour

Pinch of turmeric

About 2 tsp of milk

Mix all the ingredients together and rub on to wet skin instead of soap. Rinse and pat skin dry, apply a moisturizer.


Oatmeal body scrub

When the skin is looking especially devitalized after a winter,, consider the benefits of an oatmeal scrub. I also find this scrub beneficial after too much exposure to the sun, to remove the dead and dehydrated skin cells. This is wonderfully abrasive scrub that firms up the skin.


2 tbsp oatmeal, (barleymeal or even cornflour will do)

Water or milk to mix

Mix the oatmeal to a paste with water or milk. Rub the mixture on to the body using gentle, circular movements for two or three minutes. Leave on for a couple more minutes, then rinse off. Apply body moisturizer.


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