The Drunken Chime

Its late in the evening, the wind has increased in speed, gusting and ripping its way around Clifton House. The wind chime is playing a frenetic and loud tune in time to the wind’s bizarre behaviour, possibly to the annoyance of my neighbours too.


In a strange way I enjoy the mad, weird and wonderful sound. The question is should I remove the chime now or wait for someone to complain, or even worse….let it disturb me through-out the night.


Being the considerate person that I am I decide to remove it, which means trundling downstairs, switching off the alarms and fighting the stormy elements while standing on a ladder to do this task, for I am not tall enough to unhook the chime in its current position, without the assistance of a ladder or a very tall person, the latter sadly not available.


So I ponder this point for a while and decide to continue whittling away at this page, to then email it off and if the recipient does not hear from me in the morning after reading it ….will know that the chime and I met with hard times.


I read some more pages of the book ‘House of Bush, House of Saud’; and when turning on the Television later this evening found myself engrossed in interviews and reporting on suppressed information of the 9-11 drama and of course the ‘stuck to the hip like glue’ relationship between the Bush/Bin Laden family, the US Government, Finance corporations, and Oil, Contracts….of which various matters and conduct are brought into question. Some of the discussions in the interview also appears in sections of the book which I have read thus far….all very contemplative and questioning stuff.


But what’s new in the ‘lets lead the people by the nose for the good of our own pocket or self serving intentions’ I call it the ‘create a problem’, wait for the reaction, then offer the planned solution for end purpose gain. Mission accomplished.


And now I go to do battle with the drunken chime.  

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